On the 28th of November 2009 Malmö’s hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen was raided by masked riot police.

Armed with batons and pepper spay they stormed the social center where the hackerspace housed. Among the policemen were people specializing in IT.
One of the people detained was a hacker named mackt. With a background in the Pirate Bay, for him the raid was yet another proof of society’s mistrust and lack of understanding of hacker culture.
After the incident he wanted to do something about the distorted image of hackers. He contacted the film collective RåFILM in Malmö and the idea was born to make a documentary that explains the political aspects of hacker culture beyond the simplifications and preconceptions.

The film will take them out on a long trip to the famous and infamous hackers and activists around the world, hackers that express themselves artistically and politically through technology. What are their motivations? What are the politics and activism hacker culture has shaped out? How does this impact our world? The film will feature unique encounters with people that usually elude the public. It will crash land in the middle of the conflict currently taking place between those who want to keep the technology and the Internet free and those who want to control it.

The film collective RåFILM has been working with community based films, political documentaries and experimental shorts since year 2000. They always spread their films free on the web and work to bring films into the public space.