A short update from our visit in Brussels

We recently visited Brussels to get an insight how net culture turned in to party politics. Among others we meet Amelia Andersdotter and Mattias Bjärnemalm from the Swedish Pirate Party. They showed us how the European Parliament works. We visited and filmed some panel discussions on potential new ‘ACTAs’ and the discussions around copyright.
Cristian Bulumac, a Rumanian Pirate and Ásta Helgadóttir, an Icelandic Pirate, talked about how the movement is going in their countries.
Besides the pirates we met:
Raegan MacDonald from the activist organization Access Now.
Joe McNamee from EDRI, Digital Civil Rights in Europe.
Some great people from HSBxl, Hackerspace Brussels.
Stay tuned we will drop a bigger update soon on what we have been doing and future plans.