Geraldine Juárez – F.A.T. (Free Art & Technology)

We sat down with Geraldine Juárez from F.A.T. (Free Art & Technology). She is a true pupil of the internet.
She works on the internet and on the street through a wide range of media and outputs to understand the spaces that emerge when information, property and power collide. She is specially interested in low, open and apocalyptic technologies.
She spends way too much time blogging about the endless tension between intellectual property law and the culture of copy. Occasionally, she ends up doing a bit of civic trolling.
She has been resident artist at inCUBATE in Chicago, Timelab in Belgium and JA.Ca in Brazil (2010) and been one of the recipients of the Makers Muse Award 2011 of the Kindle Project. Geraldine was Senior Fellow at the Production Lab of Eyebeam NYC (2002-2003, 2006-2008).
Her work has been shown internationally at collective exhibitions such as Interference, Feedback and Other Options in Eyebeam (NYC), Creative Times’s Democracy in America (NYC), Secret Project Robot (NYC), State of the Art: New York at URBIS Manchester (UK), Actions: What you can do with the city at Centre for Canadian Architecture (CA), G.R.L.| F.A.T. World Summit at CREAM (Japan) Los Impolíticos at Pan Pallazo delle Arti in Napoli (Italy), DEEP NORTH at Transmediale (Berlin) and festivals such Piksel, Futuresonic, Pixelache, Conflux and Transitio.