Mina Naguib – a Egyptian Who Was in Tahrir Square on #Jan25 During The Revolution

Mina Naguib is a Egyptian who was in Tahrir square on #Jan25 during the revolution. He is also a network engineer and a blogger / Vlogger and a fighter for human rights.
In The Telegraph he says:
To be honest my life here is fairly easy, and I didn’t used to be involved in politics, but last month I went on a charity project organized by my church in a much poorer area of Egypt, and I was shocked by what I found.

There were youths my own age who had gone their whole lives without owning a pair of shoes, families who had no lavatories or running water, and people in their 70s and 80s with no medical care. Our government is always on the news saying everything is great, but it’s not, and we aren’t even given the freedom of speech to say so.
To us he talked about what was happened in Egypt and if the hacktivists had any impact on the revolution.