Hacking 3600 meters above sea level

Hacklab Bolivia is probably the highest seated hackerspace in the world located 3600 meters above sea level. It leaves you little choice not to use coca leaf to relief the fatigue caused by the high altitude. Every step is a struggle.
The hackerspace has its headquarters in the center of La Paz, which also is the capital of Bolivia.
The friendly hackers explained that electronic equipment is hard to come by in Bolivia because it costs a lot of money. To solve this problem the hackers have set up thin clients using one high-end computer to run several older computers from the 90ties. The Internet in Bolivia is also pretty slow and is not well developed but the government of Bolivia has plans for an Internet satellite that hopefully will spread the Internet in the mounty country. In the meanwhile the hackers are creating a wireless mesh network that will spread the Internet threw wireless technology between computers.

The hackers are very strong in influence. Recently they have won a huge battle in Bolivia persuading the government to put into law the prioritization of free and open software over proprietary software leaving some technology giants a little worried.