Work-in-progress screening at CCC

Hi all our great crowdfunders!

It’s been a long, long, long time. So long that you have probably forgotten about our film. But it has slowly been assembled like a broken RepRap or a social movement met by state repression and it’s finally re-appearing to the surface.

We have faced two main issues over the years which have led to this massive delay.

One. We didn’t receive any film funding for editing and finishing the film. The funds that you gave us, AND WE ARE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL, we used for traveling and filming different hacker projects around the globe. In hindsight we should have saved some for finishing the project. Our bad – you struggle you learn. So we have been working on the film in our spare time.

Two. The production group working on the film were dismantled and some of the crew left the project. So that left me, Alex, with finishing the film. But by a pure moment of luck a person, Kristoffer, contacted me asking about tips to make a hacker documentary. I gave some tips and talked about where we got stuck. After a few days Kristoffer called back and said that he was mostly an editor and could help with editing Hackitat. So we started again.



We are now in the final stages of finishing the project. We have filmed a lot of stuff during the years. The film will be an insight into hacker politics during the 2010s. Below is a short description of the film:

‘This documentary takes a look at hacking beyond the computer screens. In the place were technology and activists meet. Where the need to circumvent state surveillance and surveillance capitalism is grave. Where people see an unfair system in society and find a way to hack it. This is the true hacker habitat.

In direct opposition to banks, corporations and entrepreneurs who appropriated the words ‘hack/hackathon’, the film aims to fill these expressions with the subversive and anarchist tradition they originally contained. Delivered in a chapter form, this film shows hacker projects and system hacking from Japan, Cuba, occupied Western Sahara, Belgium and Sweden. These chapters are intertwined with thoughtprovoking interviews where hackers talk about the ethics behind what they do. Furthermore, the film mirrors these ideas in a discussion with the political theorist Emma Goldman’s writings. Filmed under the 2010s it provides an unique insight into a global political hacker movement.’



We are very sorry but we just haven’t got the cash for posters, T-shirts, DVDs or even the funds to send them out. But what we will do is to send you all a sneak peak of the webisodes and the finished film before its released.

For those of you went for the option to have a public screening with a Q&A, we will be more than happy to come through with this offer.

I will use Indiegogo to update you all about this.



We are very happy to host a work-in-progress screening of Hackitat at CCC in Leipzig. The time for the screening is set for the 27th of December at 17.00-18.30. I assume that a lot of you all will be at CCC. If that’s the case it would be great if you want to come!

We won’t show the finished film but a test screening before we have the last editing period in January and February. After that we will a release the film to you all. I will keep you posted.

In solidarity